NHL Network to Show Coverage of UFA Day

After their daily broadcast of NHL Live! at Noon, the NHL Network will air TSN’s Free Agent Frenzy show from 2-6 PM ET to keep you up to date on all the potential Free Agent signings.

I personally think that viewers lose with NHL Live! because there’s no way they’ll be as up to date on everything as TSN is. ┬áBut, take what you can get.

I brought this through customs. Not really.

Alright I am still recovering from my epic journey to Montreal for the draft. It might take a few days to get back on track. So I give you this clip of a guy I filmmed. I was with the gang from Pension Plan Puppets enjoying drinks on the patio of….some pub. And this dude came up to us and started ranting about the Habs. It’s truly wonderful. And the language isn’t safe for work, just a heads up;

Sadly I didn’t record him going on about “Martin Fleury” and declaring “Roberto who?”