Big Shocker: Game 7 Drew Big Numbers in Pittsburgh

From the terrific Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

The Stanley Cup was Must-See TV for Pittsburghers.

According to Nielsen Media Research, more than 485,000 local television viewers watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Penguins and Detroit Red Wings. The NBC broadcast June 12 drew a 42.2 rating – the highest local mark for an NHL game since the league began tracking in 1995.

One local rating point equates to 11,500 viewers.

Also, 61 percent of regional television sets were tuned to Game 7, won by the Penguins to claim their third championship. The one quarter-hour peak rating/share was 54.6/73, with another quarter-hour at 53.1/73.

Insane numbers, though we know Game 7 likely drew great ratings in Detroit, too.  We recommend the full article, as it talks about the Penguins attempt to grow their brand in the shadow of the Steel Curtain.  With a special Sports Illustrated issue dedicated to their championship on newsstands everywhere, it’s clear the Penguins are close to becoming the NHL’s model franchise when it comes to selling itself.

3 Responses to Big Shocker: Game 7 Drew Big Numbers in Pittsburgh

  1. Borg says:

    The weakest champion in this decade is a model franchise? They came out of the easy east conference. Lack of hitting, lack of defense made their path easy and non-tiring.
    Look at how strong a champion the Wings, Ducks were. Look how resilient the 06 final teams were battling to the last breath. All the Pens did was beat defenseless and hitless teams like the caps & flys and easily get rid of the canes. Then in round 4 they were given the scraps that were left of the Wings.

  2. Dave Sullivan says:

    I know this is a vile thing to suggest on a public forum, but it occurs to me that this is a total vindication of Gary Bettman. He fought tooth and nail to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh and this is the result.

  3. Praveen says:

    Vindication of one decision of Bettman doesnt vindicate his tenure as a whole. The NHL is still poorly marketed. There hasn’t been any net gain in ratings in the last 10 years by any significant measure. Al the recent ratings hype looks good only when you compare them to the lowest point of the NHL during Bettman’s tenure.

    And Bettman wasn’t the only one fighting for the Pens.

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