Inspired By, Or Ripping Off Others: Glossary of NHL Fans By Team

We’re really lazy when it comes to books.  We still have Dave King’s “King of Russia” waiting to be read.  We haven’t gotten through all of “Searching For Bobby Orr”, though we really want too.  However, we did manage to finally pick up a copy of Will Leitch’s “God Save the Fan”.  It’s a great book, if only Will realized that my generation simply does not give a shit about baseball.  At all.  But there was one section we particularly loved: The glossaries.

Particularly, we enjoyed the glossary for each teams’ fans.  But as we all know, Mr. Leitch isn’t a puck fan in the least, so the NHL’s 30 fanbases were disinvited from the party.  However, we’ve decided to end that now, by doing it ourselves.  Consider it a harmless exercise in comedy and a fun break from your Sunday afternoon.  There’s even a not so subtle reference to the book in there, so we’re double ripping the great Mr. Leitch off.  Enjoy it, after the jump of course.

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