Some Book Keeping and a Question For the Readers

We updated the VERSUS College Football schedule for ’09, in case you’re interested.  Still some holes and TBD’s there, but VERSUS stands to have another season as a legitimate college football network, though some of the games may be lacking, there’s always a chance at getting USC again.  Also, so far there’s nothing that weekend of Oct. 2-3 that could stop VERSUS from airing NHL Premiere games, assuming that they’ll take place at Noon and 2:30 PM ET again.  All VERSUS has is a 7PM ET Pac-10 Game.  What they should do is air hockey at 1 & 4 PM ET, then head to football.  Trust us, VERSUS, having 9-10 hours of live, big-time sports programming is good for you.  

If only you could tie it all together with a legitimate sports studio show.  Or even studio shows dedicated to the two sports you’re airing.  If I was VERSUS, I’d slate the day like this:

1:00 Chicago vs. Florida
4:00 Detroit vs. St. Louis
7:00 Pac-10 Football
10:00 College Football Central
10:30 Hockey Central

Then you move into your garbage “Sports Soup” and whatnot.  Hell, if you have a PBR event and need to air it at 10, even better, just move the football and hockey shows back two hours.  It’s not too hard to come up with these things, but it’s another to execute them.

Now, a question for you guys and something we kind of missed last week.  Marc Crawford leaves CBC for the Stars.  Who takes his place?  Does CBC settle for Greg Millen?  Or do they go out and make a big hire?  Your call, boys and girls.

5 Responses to Some Book Keeping and a Question For the Readers

  1. That looks like a great day of programming.

  2. Keith says:

    Here’s a name out of the blue, maybe CBC can try Trevor Linden. I mean his opinion was respected enough that even PTI has had him talk hockey. I think he could be good choice.

  3. Danimal says:

    They’ll probably add someone, but it might just be lower down the pecking order or in the studio, with Millen/Stock/Galley taking on bigger responsibilities. We’ll see!

  4. nosferatu says:

    How about Brian Engblom or Keith Jones? WHATEVER it takes to remove them from Versus, I say. (I suppose you could keep Jonesey, but he comes off as so dull and dry when paired with the other two wits on the Hockey Central set.)

  5. Scotty says:

    I think thats a great day of scheduling for Versus…hopefully they do that.

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