NHL Getting it Right By Livening Up Dull Awards Show

Now we like Stompin’ Tom and Ron MacLean as much as anyone, but we don’t believe we’re the first to say that the NHL Awards Show had fallen into a serious rut.  Year after year un-promoted and dumped off on ESPN2 or VERSUS (and let us not forget the various debacles VERSUS has produced as far as getting the show to air) and long mentioned as “Oh, that?  How long till the draft and UFA day?” by many hockey fans.

So let’s give the NHL some credit when it comes to mixing things up.  It appears MacLean has been dropped as host in favor of what appears to be no host (Yay, no more hackey hockey jokes!) and more pizazz.  Snoop Dogg and Michael Buble?  Sure.  A taped bit from Denis Leary?  Why not?  Chaka Khan?  Save me, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan!  

Oh, and did we mention: Vegas!  Getting NHL events out of good ol’ boy haunts like Toronto (Which had hosted it forever, save a couple years ago Vancouver) is exactly what the league needs to liven up it’s image.  Now, will the proposed three years in Vegas become stale?  Perhaps, but it’s one of the greatest cities in the world to consistently reinvent yourself, so let’s hope the NHL finds out what works and what doesn’t and comes up with something new for the city this year.

Overall, we’re about as excited as you can be for an NHL Awards show.  We’re going to try not to tear up when we see Pat Burns.  We kind of hope Zach Parise doesn’t win the Lady Bing.  Oh, and Chaka Khan!  Join us for an open thread starting at 5:30!

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