What’s Going On Here?

Here’s the deal for the next couple of weeks:

Monday, Wednesday – Friday: I’ll do a post per day, today will likely round up the ratings, Wednesday will be a full review of NBC and VERSUS this season, Thursday and Friday will deal with the awards show.

Tuesday: Wrap will be here, discussing Sean Avery’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

Next Monday (6/22): Wrap again.

Next Tuesday-Friday (6/23 – 6/26): Post per day, with Friday expecting to be draft heavy (we may even venture a mock draft!)

The Next Monday (6/29): Wrap

The Next Tuesday-Friday (6/30 – 7/3): Me, talking UFA coverage and such.

Monday, 7/6: Wrap

Tuesday – Friday, 7/7 – 7/10: Guest Poster Week!

Monday, 7/13: Wrap

Tuesday – Friday, 7/14 – 7/17: NHL Schedule Release Week!  We’ll be pretty hardcore this whole week.

Monday, 7/20: Wrap

Tuesday – Friday, 7/21 – 7/24: Additional thoughts on the schedule, predictions of the TV schedule.

Monday – Friday, 7/27 – 7/31: Guest Poster Week!

Monday, 8/3 – 8/7: The Best of Puck the Media 2008-09, Part 1

Monday, 8/10: Wrap

Tuesday, 8/11 – 8/14: Likely NHL TV Schedule Release Week!  Thoughts on everything CBC/VERSUS/TSN, etc.

Monday, 8/17 – 8/21: The Best of Puck the Media 2008-09, Part 2

Monday, 8/24 – 8/28: Guest Poster Week!

That’s your Summer here at Puck the Media, subject to change should anything come up.  We hope you’ll join us here for more views, interviews and general fun!


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