NBC Promises: We’ll Show All of Game 7

From Neil Best of Newsday, we start our cavelcade of Game 7 news:

Are the NBC entertainment types aware of the fact the hockey game could go deep into overtime and thus delay or even erase Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show?”

“They are well aware of it,” NBC Sports president Ken Schanzer said. “Everyone is very cool with it. We go until it’s over.”

Thank goodness we all know now.  We can enjoy the game knowing we won’t need to turn on VERSUS.

15 Responses to NBC Promises: We’ll Show All of Game 7

  1. john says:

    was that a legitimate concern? good lord the nhl should leave nbc

  2. Chris says:

    Any word on CBC? Will they delay “The Hour” if the game goes into Overtime?

  3. Sean says:

    No worries Chris, I can assure you the game could go into Monday morning and CBC would still be carrying it with lots of post-game coverage too. Because I live in Nashville, I am really hoping someday Americans will finally get it, hockey is the greatest sport out there.

  4. kevin says:

    I’d feel more comfortable if it was on Versus in the first place…………

  5. Chris says:

    Anybody think the end of US Analog tv will lower the ratings down there tonight?

  6. Sean says:

    Wait, was it an actual concern that hockey, which gets double the ratings Conan does, would be taken off the air? I love Conan to death but NBC is killing the guy by overhyping him, keeping Leno around and pushing highly-rated hockey (not an oxymoron this year!) to Versus. And NBC is killing hockey by scheduling Game 6 against the NBA and Game 7 on Friday. And their killing their own network with that dreadful I’m a Celebrity crap.

    Unfortunately for the NHL, CBS doesn’t need hockey & ABC has the NBA Finals. Leaving only Fox as a viable option, not sure if they’d be interested in hockey though with their NASCAR schedule in the spring.

    • Josh says:

      Sure, the NHL gets higher raitings than Conan does, but it runs in prime time, not at 11:30. Perspective!

      • Sean says:

        The 3rd period of the hockey game at 1030 Thursday night had 6.9 million viewers. Call it a hunch…they’d stick around for overtime of Game 7.

  7. Chris says:

    Because it’s Friday the game will probably lose 1-2 mil viewers

  8. Scotty says:

    Viewers will be down cuz of Friday but with it being Game 7 still should get a great rating. As for NBC moving the game that was never going to happen. Thats one of the reasons the game is Friday, no one watches Conan during the week but they especially don’t tune in Friday’s. Plus this is NBC we are talking about as bad of a job as they do with somethings for big events they are very good. See Olympics coverage for example and they used to do a good job with NBA Finals and the World Series.

  9. Josh says:

    (Replying here because for some reason I can’t reply directly to ya, Sean.)

    You’re making a lousy comparison. Conan runs every night at 11:30. If NBC aired an hour of hockey every night at 11:30, the ratings would be abysmal. Game seven of the SCF is a special, one-off event.

  10. dyhrdmet says:

    Good. I thought I saw Heidi was scheduled for 11pm tonight.

  11. Trizent says:

    NBC affliate in Seattle not showing Game 7 (didn’t show Game 6 either).

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