taking over the internetz.

There internet is a strange place. I spend a good bit of my day reading it (my google reader usually accumulates 200 items a day) and talking to peeps on gchat, many of them are the ones on my blogroll. There’s the twitterings and the Jezebeling. I write in a million places and waste time on Youtube, watching Bret Michaels get smacked in the face over and over again. It’s a magical place that I love.

Some peeps dislike my kind with our internetz. After all, we are killing just about every creative and entertainment means. Sorry, but if you’re going to give something a name as awesome as “piracy” the chances are high people will commit it. Oh and I am killing newspapers. Nevermind you I am being green to the environment. I am slaughtering and maiming the once sacred medium.

But others have decided the internet is pretty rad after all and it can be utilized to capture specific audiences quickly and on the cheap. This are the awesome forward thinkers seizing technology. Some of the of them are a bitttt overboard. Like, does Bob Villa really need a twitter? Probably not, but it exists. Hockey clubs are joining in the modern times giving blogging with mixed results. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Here I made you a macaroni necklace, mom. Since I’ve had my fair share of issues with a specific hockey club hating on my blogging style, it’s reassuring to see others work being embraced.

So in this long and roundabout way; NICE JOB STEVE DANGLE. Steve scored prime real estate on Leafs On Demand site. Go click on Leafspace. It’s all him. And before you think they just tossed up his youtube vids, nay good sir. They made intros! Dangle is one of my favorite people. He’s got a bit of a following on Youtube with his Leafer Fan Reaction which have branched out into awesome skits with action figures and doing a bit of work for the esteemed Puck Daddy and it’s spilled over into his distinguished eyebrows reppin’ the Leafspace. Really, I think it’s wonderful that Steve’s work is being embraced by a team he loves; it’s modern marketing and communication that is built upon a niche.

It’s a sign of good things to come for those of us typing away on our laptops. It signifies the shift of just how digital this all is. The revolution may not even be televised, but check your DVR. The revolution will come from keyboards.

PS; Oh please believe I am taking in Sean Avery on Jimmy Fallon next Monday. I will be taking fashion notes and hoping the whole Cuthbert thing is referenced. Also, I will only be watching Fallon for Aves, ok? I’m strickly a Conan O’Brien/Craig Ferguson kind of gal.


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3 Responses to taking over the internetz.

  1. ScottyWazz says:

    That’s the beauty of the tubes that create the internetz, everyone can be a personality and the lucky/good ones get recognized in a big way. It’s something you really couldn’t fathom a mere decade ago. And let’s be honest, hockey fans are probably the biggest catalyst in the internetz revolution and the most tech savvy. Good on Steve for getting his shot is probably what I’m trying to get across with this rambling.

  2. No. Bob Villa really does not need a twitter. but he hath one nonetheless. So are the days of our inter webz.

    Aves on Fallon? Best news today. Yeah I like Aves… what?

  3. loser domi says:

    Steve Dangle makes me want to join Leafs Space and cuddle kittens

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