Hey, Maybe Bruce Dowbiggin and Chris Botta Have the Same Source!

Bruce Dowbiggin has done a solid job picking up where William Houston left off at The Globe & Mail.  He has more on the coming NHL/NBC extension:

Now, NBC and the NHL are set to announce an extension to their relationship for another two years, past the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Stanley Cup playoffs.

It will likely be a continuation of the no-money-down/split-revenues-after-costs arrangement that has existed since the two sides fell into each other’s arms after the NHL lockout in 2004-05.

At that time, NBC got an inexpensive property to fill out its sports schedule, while the NHL got the perfume of network respectability after locking out its players and fans for a complete season.

We’ll see if there’s an announcement today.  So far all we’ve got coming up is an NBC hype post.

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