Early VERSUS College Football Schedule

This is the perfect topic for late night posting.  Here’s their early schedule of Mountain West and Big 12 games, more will be added later:

Sept. 12 – Texas vs. Wyoming, 2:30 PM ET
Sept. 19 – Duke vs. Kansas, 12:00 PM ET
Sept. 19 – Florida St. vs. BYU, 7:00 PM ET
Sept. 26 – Cornell vs. Yale, 12:00 PM ET 
Sept. 26 – TBD Pac-10 Game, 7:30 PM ET
Oct. 3 – TBD Pac-10 Game, 7:00 PM ET
Oct. 10 – TBD Big 12 Game
Oct. 17 – Princeton vs. Brown, 12:30 PM ET
Oct. 17 – Colorado St. vs. TCU, 4:00 PM ET
Oct. 17 – TBD Pac-10 Game, 7:30 PM ET 
Oct. 24 – Air Force vs. Utah, 4:00 PM ET
Oct. 24 – TCU vs. BYU, 7:30 PM ET
Oct. 31 – UNLV vs. TCU, 4:00 PM ET
Nov. 7 – TCU vs. San Diego St., 4:00 PM ET
Nov. 14 – TBD Pac-10 Game, 7:00 PM ET 
Nov. 21 – Harvard vs. Yale, 12:00 PM ET 
Nov. 21 – San Diego St. vs. Utah, 4:00 PM ET
Nov. 21 – TBD Pac-10 Game, 7:30 PM ET or 10:00 PM ET 

VERSUS will add 3 more Big 12, and 2 Ivy League games to the mix, as well as some possible Division II games.  VERSUS College Football coverage became quite legit last season, so we’ll see how they build on that.  It’d be big if they could land a bowl game.

5 Responses to Early VERSUS College Football Schedule

  1. Scotty says:

    This is a good schedule for them. If they can add some more college basketball on weekends in Jan and Feb. they would be building very nicely. Another thing is I know they have rights to the new football league in the fall as well, if they could ever get NFL games it’s be huge.

  2. john says:

    For all the smack talk that gets thrown Vs.’ way, it really is reminiscent of the early days of espn.

  3. Scotty says:

    Just an odd random poll for everyone. If Versus continues on the path of adding sports as they are now, Do you think they will be able to compete with ESPN? Obviouslly the first way to do that is to get in more households, which as they add more sports will help.

  4. Danimal says:

    Thing is, Versus actually can’t get any better football. Everything is spoken for long-term, unless they were to massively outbid FSN for the Pac-10 and Big 12 cable packages in the next year or two (namely getting the second-choice games after those which air on ABC).

    As for bowls, don’t go there… ESPN/ABC really do have pretty much all the ones worth watching- and plenty that aren’t IMHO!

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