BREAKING: Game 2 Draws 3.5/6 Overnight

We’ll know the viewership totals at around Noon, but that’s what Marc Berman’s Programming Insider is reporting.  A 3.5/6 rating for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals was good enough for a 2nd-place finish for NBC.  CBS did better in the ratings all night, while the only other program that topped it was a rerun of Family Guy (3.6/6).  

Again, some pretty good news for hockey, but we’ll know more at mid-day, so stay tuned.


3 Responses to BREAKING: Game 2 Draws 3.5/6 Overnight

  1. Chris says:

    Are you freaking kidding me???

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!

    that will be at least 6 million

  2. kevin says:

    It is a given they do better than Sat nite’s number. If only Fleury didn’t suck so bad..the numbers would be even bigger. Both these games should have been OT games except for Fleury. He is garbage

  3. Scotty says:

    The way Fleury is playing this might be the last set of numbers for NBC this hockey season.

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