I’m a Classy Fella’

That’s why I’ve been asked to eulogize the Hurricanes on Puck Daddy.  Check it out, won’t you?

9 Responses to I’m a Classy Fella’

  1. TLP says:

    Outstanding work. The Hurricanes have the worst fanbase.

  2. ncsu1 says:

    I’ll post this over here too since I guess there’s more of a chance of you responding:

    Buttsore much?

    How can you blame anyone for not selling out a playoff game in this economy with the prices going up in the playoffs? Besides, the only tickets not sold out for those games were the high dollar seats, the club seats. Each game was within a thousand of selling out. And where the hell are you getting that we didn’t sell out each conference final game?

    Game 3 was over capacity at 18,789 and Game 4 was at capacity at 18,680.

    “Because no one wants to see the Stanley Cup in whatever the hell city Carolina plays in. ” right. they play a hell of a lot more exciting game than the Devils did.

    and clearly a team called the North Carolina Hurricanes has a great ring to it.

    • stevelepore says:

      You know what sir, you caught me on that Conf. Finals one, it was a misread.

      The rest I’ll defend as just some riffing from a really bitter guy.

    • lrcaniac says:

      Quit crying and grow up! We got past you, will be ready for next year, and would like you to come down south and see what happens when college football and hockey combine…….all day parties!

  3. hip_check says:

    As a Puck the Media reader and Hurricanes fan, my humble reponse: redneck jokes are lazy, Ahmadinejad thing was funny, and ‘complainiacs’ is pretty good too, but you can’t talk about how much we ‘Canes fans suck and then turn around and accuse the team of having no fans.

  4. Great going there, Mr. Lepore.

    Not quite the Habs eulogy, but still quite good.

  5. Andrew says:

    Mildly humorous, poorly written … more entertaining than the Blue Jackets eulogy at least.

    The ONLY valid point you make is that NOBODY is going to remember anything about this season. They won’t remember a goal with .2 seconds on the clock. They won’t remember two goals in a minute to put the Devils on the links. They will remember a sucker punch, a crybaby Brodeur breaking his stick, and COMPLETE DOMINATION by the Penguins. End. Of. Story.

    But redneck jokes? Really?

    You are one of the thousands of “writers” who have yet to recognize the majority of the Hurricanes fan base is made up of the smart Yankees who were no longer satisfied with dull, boring, gray lives in the Rust Belt. Some of us still root for the Pens, Devils, Sabres, Flyers…. Most of us don’t.

    As I walked around RBC Center before Game 4 in my ‘Canes jersey I stopped at tents of Pittsburgh fans tailgating and having a “good ol’ boy” time whooping it up with the Caniacs — the atmosphere here is that great. Even better was seeing people from near my hometown in Pennsylvania that made the trip to root on the Pens. No hard feelings from them, just gentle ribbing and enjoying playoff hockey — or did you forget how that feels after your quick exit?

    A tip for someone too young to remember 1994: Until you experience for yourself what a hockey game is like outside of the quarantine area that is New Jersey, maybe you should just keep the fan hating to yourself.

    Besides … last I checked, we didn’t have to sell tickets for $20 on game day to fill our arena — during any of our THREE rounds.

  6. Praveen says:

    “pick a carolina” ha ha. funniest part of your writeup.

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