Your Official Stanley Cup Finals Schedule

Game 1 – May 30th @Detroit, 8:00 PM (NBC/CBC/RDS)
Game 2 – May 31st @Detroit, TBD (NBC/CBC/RDS)
Game 3 – June 2nd @Pittsburgh, 8:00 PM (VERSUS/CBC/RDS)
Game 4 – June 4th @Pittsburgh, 8:00 PM (VERSUS/CBC/RDS)
Game 5 – June 6th @Detroit, 8:00 PM (NBC/CBC/RDS)
Game 6 – June 9th @Pittsburgh, 8:00 PM (NBC/CBC/RDS)
Game 7 – June 12th @Detroit, 8:00 PM (NBC/CBC/RDS)

6 Responses to Your Official Stanley Cup Finals Schedule

  1. B Seligman says:

    Would love to see the Skills competition if they are on TV but can’t find a single reference to them. Any one have an idea as to where they might be shown. That was always our favorite part of the competition.
    Thank you for any help!

  2. nosferatu says:

    Unfortunately, there are some serious NBA conflicts ahead for the NHL, which will likely mitigate any ratings success they might have otherwise had.

    Most notable: Game 2, which is in a prime slot – Sunday in primetime – would go against Game 7 of the Lakers-Nuggets series on ABC (and we all know how powerful the Lakers are in attracting viewers).

    And Game 4 on Thursday, which will definitely go against Game 1 of the NBA Finals. This is a pretty dreadful thought: that game, on Versus, going against a possible Kobe-LeBron matchup on ABC.

    Our best hope? Denver wins tonight and Friday, and the NBA has a matchup with little broad appeal – Denver vs. Orlando.

  3. Scotty says:

    Wow this is a special schedule. Alright first I give kudos to NBC and the NHL for getting this series started in a timely matter. Otherwise I could just imagine a funny open thread title for Game One had we waited til the 5th. However there are like you said a ton of NBA conflicts. Game One is fine. Game Two might be but I think the Lakers-Nuggets are going 7 thuslly screwing Game 2. Game 3 is fine. Game 4 is the same night as Game 1 of the NBA Finals even if its Magic-Nuggets (which it won’t be) I think people watch. Game 5 is fine. Game 6 is again screwed cuz of Game 3 of the NBA, might contend though with NBC vs. ABC depending on where the NBA is at. Game 7 is a Friday…seriouslly NBC really Friday…even soccer gets the MLS title game on the weekend c’mon. Oh also fun fact from Sportscenter its the first time in 54 years we have back-to-back finals games.

  4. B Seligman says:

    Thanks for trying to answer my question. I know when the Stanley Cup Finals are but I’m not looking for that. I wanted to know about the SKILLS competition for the players that they used to have before the games started. Is that not done any longer?? 😦

  5. Scotty says:

    The only skills competition I know of is the one they do during all star weekend. I don’t remember one before the Finals but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen at one time. This year’s skills competition aired on Versus so you may be able to find it somewhere online I don’t know where exactly though. Hope that helps a bit.

    • B Seligman says:

      Thank you. I think you are right and my memory has been playing tricks on me all along. It must be the All Star weekend time. Well, Go Pens, anyway!! 🙂

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