These Off Days Are Destroying Our Will

That is all.  We really don’t have anything new to say about the off days.  Except that they’re awful.  We really have no desire to watch Game 4 tonight, or Game 5 tomorrow.  Way to bolster my apathy NHL.

Anyway, it’ll be a light day.  We do promise you the ratings to Detroit/Chicago on NBC.  That you definitely will see.  Otherwise, look for something before the open thread, but hockey is definitely bugging us lately.

5 Responses to These Off Days Are Destroying Our Will

  1. Chief says:

    Yeah, I have some good memories from Memorial day games. Specifically the Red Wings eliminating Colorado in 1997 (Game 6).

  2. Chris says:

    I hope we can get some ratings for the versus games as well..this is getting absurd to wait this long

  3. Scotty says:

    This is so dumb these off days. Conference Finals need to be an exciting time for a sport, instead they seem boring cuz the series are over basically and there are a bunch if days off until we get to the Finals match-up.

  4. Chris says:

    I’m quickly getting bored of these playoffs. Two total stinkers of weekend games, plus it looks like the same boring matchup as last year. I can’t wait for CFL season.

    • Scott says:

      Sorry it wasnt carolina/anaheim to appease you and Ross McKeon. Sorry we have to settle for the two best teams in hockey with a million built in storylines in the first championship rematch in any major sport since bulls-jazz.

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