Thoughts From Game 4 of the Eastern Finals

  • Did anyone else find Doc Emrick’s moratorium on the Blackhawks for the season a little early?  I mean, there’s 10 minutes left in a 6-1 Game 4 with the Wings headed home up 3-1 in the series.  But still, saying that this is in all likelihood the last home game for the Hawks at the United Center seems a little much at this juncture.  With two days in between games, who’s to say the Hawks can’t recover.
  • That said, Joel Quenneville should be fined for the effort and the actions of his team on national television.  The way the Hawks played on Sunday should rightly shame its’ newfound fanbase and anyone who’s ever tried to convert someone to a hockey fanatic.  With no NBA, and NASCAR not going on until 5:00 PM and the only competition Indy and Golf, the NHL flatlined on a huge power play.
  • Also, as far as Doc Emrick goes, we still love him and wish NBC would get rid of Eddie O. and/or Pierre.  The three-man booth simply doesn’t work.  Emrick would go two-to-three minutes at times without speaking so McGuire or Olczyk could get in some inane blabber about whatever.  What’s going to keep you watching a game: Emrick talking about the game or the players or just flat-out telling one of the 40 million awesome stories that Doc Emrick knows, or Eddie Olczyk saying nothing for three minutes.
  • Speaking of Pierre and the horse he rode in on (or Mike Milbury), how pointless and unnecessary have those intermission segments become?  What once was fun live theatre that featured ample debate between the two former NHL coaches has now become more of the same blather we hear during the game telecasts.  Were we all waiting for Pierre to make some sort of fancy announcement about getting passed over for the Wild GM job?  Is the “Analysts take the role of the coaches” segment ever more meaningless (and trust us, it can get pretty meaningless in a good game) than during a 5-1 Red Wing lead after 40?  Something needs to be done about the network’s putrid, worthless studio show.  It’s clear that Milbury’s the star, so get him a better foil (a Ray Ferraro type) and get a real host (Bob Neumeier, come back with your hobo suits!) to set them up.  
  • This is NBC’s last hockey telecast before June 9th.  Thank you, Hockey Gods.  We’ll have what will likely be an ugly ratings picture at around Noontime.  

3 Responses to Thoughts From Game 4 of the Eastern Finals

  1. Steve says:

    Any news on the ratings for Games 2 & 3 of the Pens/Canes & Game 3 of the Hawks/Wings on Versus?

  2. Scotty says:

    You know what would be great is if NBC would get Bob Costas to do the pregame, intermission and postgame reports. And then have an actual studio crew like Millbury and Ferraro. You know like pretending you care about those 17 minutes and don’t want people to turn away to paint drying which is starting to become the intermission report.

  3. Eric says:

    moratorium? Think you meant something else.

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