Adventures in programming.

Since the playoffs are taking place (ON VERSUS!!!!1) the ads and promotions for both The Hangover and Fanarchy. First, The Hangover looks amazing and Zach Galafinakis is all sorts of awesome, please believe. But it’s the Fanarchy is worrisome. The idea is a bunch of people arguing over webcams about sports. Which probably would have worked in like 2002 when TRL was still existent and relevant.

The previews look like the show will be framed on stereotypes of certain sports fans. At least the promos have Massholes. You know I have never been to Boston, so my knowledge of the people there is based mostly on Jimmy Fallon’s tenure on SNL. DUDE! It was like the late 90s and he was a hottie then, ok? So back off. But yeah he would wear a Red Sox jersey and yell NOMARRRRRR! and tack on “wicked pissah” to sentences. Now, call me crazy, but don’t people generally get mad about stereotype and assumptions? I get irked when people assume that my Pacific Northwest status means I wear flannel and listen to Nirvana. Negative, ghostrider.

Who am I kidding. It’s only a matter of time until I am whoring myself out to Versus and Fanarchy for page views.

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