POLL: VERSUS New New Scoreboard

9 Responses to POLL: VERSUS New New Scoreboard

  1. Leafsfan1967 says:

    The new version is better if you are watching on an SD TV since you can actually read it but it is taking up way too much space. My bigger beef are the very annoying promo adds that keep popping up at the bottom of the screen which block the play.

    Come on Versus you don’t need to do this during the play and we certainly don’t need your graphics always reminding us that we are watching Versus. We KNOW that since the dreadful Mr. Benihaha keeps telling us!!!!

    • nosferatu says:

      Not to mention the rather large VS logo in the middle of the scoreboard. You’d think that if people actually know how to find the channel, they know what it is.

      I think the scoreboard is better, but after watching for a while – especially into the 3rd period – in SD, I had a really hard time distinguishing numbers on the clock. 5, 6, and 8 are just about indistinguishable.

    • I agree, the ads that take up the bottom third of the screen are by far the worst part of the Versus broadcast.

  2. Scotty says:

    Like Leafsfan said do they really need a bottom third for that. Also I like the new banner because I am watching in SD and can read this one. The problem is it is a little too big, could shrink it just a bit. But the ads are un-necessary cuz benihaha tells us Versus every minute.

  3. Chris says:

    CBC has the best scorebug. Simple and easy to read.

  4. TheWestWing says:

    Funny I’m watching in SD and I cant tell a 5 from 6 on their ‘clock’

  5. dyhrdmet says:

    i had trouble reading some of the numbers of the 2nd round version. this is better, especially with the team logos, but not the best – everything needs to be the same larger font size. that versus logo in the middle will NEVER go away. every network has their own logo in the scorebar/bug.

  6. ncsu1 says:

    Here is a picture in case you wanted to add it: http://ncsu1.info/images/VSBug2.png

    I think the 2nd round version was the best.. this version is WAY too bold… the font on the 2nd round version was better and easier on the eyes. There’s also too many borders now that they’ve changed the way the logos are presented.

    The HD wings are also incredibly unnecessary. Here’s what the bug needs to look like: http://ncsu1.info/images/vsbug.png

    To fix the clock issue with the current version they need to unbold it.

  7. Brian says:

    I can’t read the time on the new scoreboard. The last one was a lot easier to read. Too much contrast on the new one. Plus the VS logo needs to be about 1/3 of the size.

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