Game 1 of Pens-Cane Draws a 1.1 Rating on VERSUS

NHL Live’s Rob Simpson just reported the figure.  A 1.19 for Game 1 of Penguins-Hurricanes on VERSUS, up from 2008.  Game drew a 20 rating in the Pittsburgh market and a 7 rating in the Raleigh market.

We’re working on getting more numbers on this, so please stay tuned.

8 Responses to Game 1 of Pens-Cane Draws a 1.1 Rating on VERSUS

  1. kevin says:

    If its up vs Pit/Phi series last year that is pretty good. I have to believe a Pit/Bos series would have been huge for Versus. Oh well……

  2. Joel says:

    Is this good when compared to other years?

  3. stevelepore says:

    @Joel: According to the NHL’s Michael DiLorenzo, this is up 77% from Game 1 of DET/DAL last year.

  4. Chris says:

    Its good….

    but it would be 1.6 to 1.8 if Boston made it

  5. colton says:

    It says on that the game got a 1.45 ratings and is 77% higher than last year’s game.

    So which rating is correct? 1.45 or 1.19?

  6. stevelepore says:

    @Colton: 1.45 is the cable rating, 1.19 is the national rating. As you might note from reading the story, we were a source for that report.

  7. Chris says:

    Oh…so thats about 1.6 million viewers…probably 1.75 or so

  8. colton says:

    ooooooooh. Nevermind then.

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