Why Can’t I Hear You, Doc?

Some Notes from NBC’s coverage of Wings-Hawks Game 1, which we hope to get the ratings for by mid-day:

  • We know how much some of you hate the early start times, but couldn’t today have been one of those days where NBC thinks to itself “Hey, we got this Lakers Game 7 goin’ on over at ABC, that might deflect some attention”.  As you may or may not, the Lakers are the Yankees, Red Wings and Cowboys of the NBA, and are likely to draw as high as a 5.0 overnight for a Game 7 against the whoevers from Whoville.  A 1PM start, while a little early in the Central Time Zone for Chicago fans, would’ve probably helped out the NHL.  What could’ve been as high as a 2.0 overnight without the hoops in the way might fall as low as a 1.0.
  • Does anyone else feel like Doc Emrick’s microphone is kept too low on NBC?  Now, we’ve been to our share of concerts to have our ears destroyed at this early stage in our live, but does anyone else struggle to hear the Hall of Fame voice’s work during the NBC telecasts?  This has been a recurring problem throughout the year.  NBC’s sound people do great work (They’ve been nominated for an Emmy for it in the past) but if we could hear the only redeeming broadcaster the network has for hockey, that’d be just great.
  • While NBC might feel obliged to provide some sort of primer for those interested in the all-cable Pittsburgh-Carolina series, the pre-taped interview with Sidney Crosby was superfluous, a slant to Detroit and Chicago fans, and further evidence that NBC has little interest in the NHL aside from Crosby, and the league is willing to let them show it however they like.  Exactly what do you accomplish from Mike Milbury asking Sid the Legal Adult if he has “a dark side”?

Tell us some of your thoughts on the game in this thread.

8 Responses to Why Can’t I Hear You, Doc?

  1. I think the part of that Milbury interview you’re really missing is when he asks Crosby if he ever beat his dog.

  2. Keith says:

    Hopefully, the fact the Laker game was a Pens-Caps-like blowout will make the final rating higher than it would of been.

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    I said this yesterday but the NBC guys talk way too much. They don’t need to take up every second with words. This is caused in part by the three man broadcast team. There are just way too many people trying to do too much.

  4. Chief says:

    Good point Edso. Doc, I talked to the water boy, and he told me something irrelevant. Edso, Doc, edso, Doc @#!%!@.

  5. Scotty says:

    I think the rating will still be a bit on the lower side then it could have been because of the Lakers. Its a bit like when Tiger Woods is beating the field by 10 and everyone still watches, that was yesterday’s laker game. I think a 12:00 central start would have been fine but it does make it early for the West Coast. As for the broadcast I have long been annoyed that Pierre interupts as much as he does and they all talk too much. I think there are some good points made but it is a little much. It is helpful when there is news from the bench but otherewise let Pierre talk in between periods or replace edso with him (not a good idea but a thought). A 3 man booth just doesn’t work well.

  6. BC says:

    As for point #2, I’d rather see Doc’s mic turned down (or off) and the crowd and ice noise turned up.

    I agree with your point #3. It didn’t belong there yesterday. If they are that interested in Crosby, they should try broadcasting his game tonight. NBC wants all the rewards of everything without putting in any work.

  7. dyhrdmet says:

    there’s a sound mixer for NBC’s NHL coverage on the AVS Forum‘s NHL Playoffs thread under the name ‘SNF Mixer’. you can post your comments to him there.

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