BREAKING: Western Conference Finals Game 1 Draws a 2.0 on NBC

What’s that funky-looking number next to the zero?  According to SportsBusinessDaily (reg. required), NBC’s coverage of Game 1 of the Detroit/Chicago series drew a 2.0/5 on Sunday.  That rating marks the best ever rating for an NHL On NBC broadcast, excluding obviously the Stanley Cup Finals and Winter Classic.  The number is also up from last year’s comparable broadcast (Flyers/Penguins Game 5, which drew a 1.7). 

We’re working on getting local numbers and attempting to find out when the last time hockey drew a 2.0 on broadcast was, and we’ll update later if we get that info for you.

UPDATE 1:07 PM: This is the first time a non-outdoor or Stanley Cup Final hockey game has drawn a 2.0 overnight on broadcast since regional playoff action (DET/NSH Game 6, NJ/PHI Game 5, COL/DAL Game 5, ABC) on April 17, 2004 drew a 2.1/5, according to Sports Media Watch.

UPDATE 1:10 PM: Thanks to NBC Sports spokesman, the perpetually helpful Brian Walker, we now have the local numbers for Game 1:

Chicago – 7.7/19
Detroit – 16.9/38

Also from Mr. Walker, the news that this is the highest-rated single-game (non-regional) NHL telecast (obviously excluding outdoor games and SCF) since May 25, 2002 (DET/COL Game 4, ABC, 2.2/6).  Impressive numbers for a series that’s just beginning.  If the set remains close, NBC can expect even higher numbers for it’s telecast of Game 4, next Sunday at 3:00 PM ET.


14 Responses to BREAKING: Western Conference Finals Game 1 Draws a 2.0 on NBC

  1. BaronLeone says:

    I know that a lot of us in the Cleveland market would have loved to see the game. However, our local NBC affiliate has a contract with the Indians to broadcast a certain number of their games. As a result the Cleveland market did not get to see the Wings/Hawks until halfway thorugh the 3rd period.

    Same thing happened with the triple overtime game with the Ducks. At least we got to see 3 + periods of hockey in that one because of the overtime.

    • nosferatu says:


      Next year, I say we take to the streets before this crap starts. I suppose two voices (even if we’re the only two!) would be better than one. I echoed your sentiments in yesterday’s game thread. It’s really an embarrassment for the sport. At least put it on the Weather Plus channel or something!

  2. BC says:

    I hope they weren’t all turned off by that drivel that passes for commentary on NBC.

    • Luckily, it was the only commentary team working the game. Folks in Canada were blessed with it, too.

      One of the worst parts of the bruins being out is no more NESN.

      • Leafsfan1967 says:

        It could have been worse. Versus is saving that for nonight when we get Joe Benihaha….


  3. zambonirodeo says:

    Ok, so 2.0 national rating equals approximately 2.3 million viewers. How many of those viewers do the two local numbers represent?

  4. tom says:

    im also from cleveland and couldnt watch the game due to the Indians broadcast. ive really had enough with NHL and television. all of the penguins games from last series in pittsburgh they blackedout on versus in cleveland……….. WTF IHATE U GARY

  5. Colton says:

    7.7 in Chicago = about 269k households.
    16.8 in Detroit = about 324k households.

    The 2 ratings equals 2.3 million households, not viewers. It’s close to 3 million viewers.

  6. Ivan says:

    Detroit has so many bandwagoners all over the country.

    • WingsFan says:

      @Posted by Ivan on May 19, 2009 at 5:12 am
      Not really, many of them have been long time Wings fans but had to leave the state due to Michigan being in a recession (Michigan has only added 24,000 jobs in the past 14 years.) Let it also be known that Michigan plus Rhode Island where the only 2 U.S. states to lose population in 2008.

  7. Barbara says:

    Yes, I’m in Cleveland and was really ticked off at not being able to see the game. NBC will always screw the hockey fan.

  8. chris c says:

    Penguins will lose again to Detroit in the Finals. LOL

  9. Morris Vig says:

    Any idea how the NHL did when it was on Fox? I know it was a long time ago, but just curious…

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