We Imagine Gary Bettman Enjoyed Game 7 The Least of All


NHL Commish Gary Bettman

NHL Commish Gary Bettman

Well that was unpleasant for everyone involved.  Game 7 of the Penguins-Capitals series was one big fat stinker.  Some observations from the deciding game:

  • It’s a shame that this will be the final game Daryl “Razor” Reaugh calls this NHL season.  He had the broadcasting series of his life.  Working with Mike “Doc” Emrick brought out the best in both announcers.  I’d like to see VERSUS go with three man booths, a la NBC, for the Conference Finals and special events, so that guys like Razor and Andy Brickley can keep working through the Conference Finals.  Or at least add a second reporter gig.
  • Everyone’s going to complain about NBC only airing two Conference Final games total, but that’s really no more than FOX or ABC ever aired.  Even when either network had two high-profile Conference Finals, they refused to air both of them (Think Rangers/Flyers and Red Wings/Avs in ’97, or Devils/Flyers and Stars/Avs in ’00).  NBC’s simply doing what they can to keep hockey semi-relevant on their schedule so they can say they aired some action before the Stanley Cup Finals begin.
  • No matter what, the NHL has to simply be pissed at what an awful game this was.  It’ll likely cost the NHL a few hundred thousand viewers in the totals that would’ve flocked to a close third period of Pens-Caps.  That said, if the Red Wings and Bruins pull through tomorrow night, every game of the Conference Finals will draw better than a million viewers on broadcast television, which would be a huge step forward for the league as far as legitimacy goes.

9 Responses to We Imagine Gary Bettman Enjoyed Game 7 The Least of All

  1. Leafsfan1967 says:

    A couple of comments on broadcast coverage from last night and what is planned for this evening.

    1] I have defended Bob Cole here but he was terrible last night. He was so stunned at the Washington collapse that he hardly even called the Pens 4th goal!!

    2] As for tonight, the NHL has a story on their website explaining what is happening tonight


    The important paragraph is this one…

    Fans in the U.S. living outside of the local Carolina and Boston viewing areas will be able to watch Hurricanes-Bruins Game 7 in its entirety live on NHL Center Ice – the League’s out-of-market television subscription package. Fans who are not currently Center Ice subscribers should call their cable or satellite provider for details how to order. For U.S. fans living outside of the local Carolina and Boston viewing areas, Hurricanes-Bruins Game 7 will be streamed in its entirety live online on NHL.com through a “GameCenter Live Day Pass,” available for $19.95. For more information, visit http://www.nhl.com/gamecenter.

    So… the NHL wants people to pay 19.95 to watch the game online. This is a cash grab that is so short sighted. Put the game on the NHL Network and allow a few more people to see it.

  2. Mackpt says:

    Razor is not done….he will be working the Eastern Conference finals on VS with Joe B; Doc & Edzo will have the west and NBC.

  3. BluesFan44 says:

    Versus needs to keep Razor going… even if it means pairing him with Benihana…. Actually, that would make more sense, would make his broadcast more bearable…..

  4. Leafsfan1967 says:

    >>Razor is not done….he will be working the Eastern Conference finals on VS with Joe B; Doc & Edzo will have the west and NBC.<<

    Oh wonderful Joe Benihaha isn’t done… oh joy oh bliss… 😦

  5. ntb says:

    I just do not get the love fest with Reaugh. I mean he’s not the worst announcer, but he’s really nothing special. His “insights” are pretty generic and he is always striving for the dramatic. For example, he called the outlet pass in the 1st period that sprung Ovechkin a “liberation pass.”

  6. Brian says:

    I don’t think it matters too much who is doing the broadcast, or which channel really. In the US I mean. All these broadcasts have the same script and that is the problem. They use professional announcers who seem to get paid by the word. They follow their script, whatever the predetermined “storyline” is, they continuously rattle off statistics, whether relevant or not, they engage in their banter to show how great they get along together and brag about how they have access to player, etc and so on. They try to impress with how many tongue twisters they know. They try to manufacture excitement for the game as if I need that and am not excited by the hockey itself. What they don’t do is pay attention to the game and give a feel what is going on on the ice. They simply ignore things that happen and don’t give any insight from the players and on-ice perspective. We’ve discussed in other threads about things VS has been missing during the playoffs. Sometimes after I watch a game on NBC I feel completely empty because I don’t feel like I’ve watched a hockey game. Anytime the puck is not in play its an assault on my senses between the commercials and plug and more plugs that are disguised as stat graphics.

    The Canadian broadcasts are entirely different and so much more enjoyable, whether I like the announcers or not. You really get a feel for whats going on on the ice and in the crowd. And the off the ice stuff is what really has an effect on the game and not just platitudes and generic chanting.

    So unfortunately for me, since I don’t like this style, the broadcast has a negative effect on my enjoyment. I finally canceled my Center Ice package this year, because although its advertised as a way to follow my favorite out of market team, I was too tired of having to sit through the Sharks, Wild, Ducks, etc broadcasts just to watch the Oilers or Flames. When CI shows all feeds of all games, I’ll be happy to sign up again. I like choice. CI feels too much like it has some kind of deal with FSN to further its monopoly.

    Sorry if this rant is a little disjointed, I started and stopped a few times.

  7. Mackpt says:

    The CI package on DirecTV shows both home and away feeds for most games.

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