So, If You’re NBC…

We’re full of questions today, because to be honest, there hasn’t been a ton of news, and we’re really busy lately and today has surprisingly been no exception.

Here’s one to float out for you, if you’re NBC and you have the following Conference Final choices, which series do you air:

Pittsburgh/Boston vs. Chicago/Detroit
Pittsburgh/Boston vs. Anaheim/Chicago
Washington/Boston vs Chicago/Detroit
Washington/Boston vs. Anaheim/Chicago
Carolina/Washington vs. Chicago/Detroit
Carolina/Washington vs. Anaheim/Chicago
Carolina/Pittsburgh vs. Chicago/Detroit
Carolina/Pittsburgh vs. Anaheim/Chicago 


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10 Responses to So, If You’re NBC…

  1. Josh says:

    I think you’re rooting for: PIT/BOS and DET/CHI, but as to your question, which one do you *air*?

    Well, won’t they just be airing the weekend games from both series?

    • Leafsfan1967 says:

      Yes I suspect that would be their choice.

      If I were CBC I’d also take this lineup. I think CBC gets all of one series and games 4 – 7 of the second series.

  2. Jeff W says:

    Actually they will only be airing games on Sunday. So this Sunday and next Sunday (Memorial Day) they have a 3PM game each day. This is to allow the CBC to broadcast Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night.

  3. smu161 says:

    I think nbc doesn’t have saturday games the next two weekends. Here is the schedule from nbcsports site. I don’t know why not this Saturday. there is nothing until the Preakness coverage at 4:30.
    NHL on NBC playoffs schedule
    Sunday, May 17
    Conference finals, Game 1 or 2, 3 p.m. ET

    Sunday, May 24
    Conference finals, Game 4 or 5, 3 p.m. ET

    Stanley Cup finals: TBD
    Games 1 and 2 on NBC
    Games 3 and 4 on Versus
    Games 5, 6 and 7 on NBC (if necessary)

  4. E says:

    This is just a hypethetical, but, what if NBC decided to air Game 7 of Washington-Pittsburgh in primetime tonight at 8pm?
    What kind of rating do you think it would get?
    I think they might be able to get a 3.0 for tonights game.

    It’ll never happen, but, just a thought.

  5. Scotty says:

    Thats a great question E, my answer is better than they will for any of their Cup Finals games. Not to say that the Cup Finals won’t be a good match-up, they just have the games at bad times. To answer the original question this Sunday depends on the Celtics and Bruins. If the Celtics have Game 7 Sunday Night in Boston then the Western Series will be this Sunday. I thing if its Detroit-Chicago then they will be the series. However I could see one series this weekend, one next unless NBC gets picky and doesn’t like one of the series.Oh and some NBA thought there expect the Celtcs to have a game 7 Sunday, Magic are pissed and the Celtics always go 7 it seems.

  6. Leafsfan1967 says:

    Just announced on the NHL Network that CBC and TSN have agreed to split the coverage of the two games tomorrow night. Now come on NHL do the same in the States and give one of the games to the NHL Network….

  7. Chris says:

    I’m shocked that TSN gave up Game 7 of Ducks/Red Wings to CBC! Now I can watch both Game 7s tomorrow night! 😀

  8. Jeff W says:

    I wonder if its a situation where TSN gave it away or gave it up in exchange for an extra weeknight game next round…or if the NHL simply forced TSNs hand. TSN did have alot more games in Round 1 than did CBC. CBC had 2 sweeps and TSN had 2 series that went 7; that could be a factor. But kudos to the NHL and their Canadian TV partners for doing right by their fanbase. As usual, shame on the NHL and VS for sticking their heads up their *****

  9. Trizent says:

    In exchange for Game 7 of Ducks/Wings on CBC, TSN gets an additional Conference game. I would guess that TSN will end up with the 2 Sunday afternoon games and two weeknight games.

    “As part of the agreement with the CBC, TSN will now broadcast an additional playoff game from the Conference Finals. TSN will announce its Conference Finals broadcast schedule, along with the added game from the CBC, later in the week.”

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