great moments in cinema;

I think this is one of the most realistic hockey scenes in a movie. Or even a realistic movie scene in general. As a sorta gamer, I’ve been there. When I lived in a dorm a friend of mine often skipped class and could be found playing Halo in his too small dorm room he shared with a roommate who quite possibly only showered once per week. His roommate sat in the tiny corner by the window on some ancient computer playing World of Warcraft. I’d come to the dorm with my own Xbox controller that I put sparkly gems on and a liter of Dr Pepper because I was in it to win it. The door was often left open because it was those kind of dorm floors. One dude upon seeing me playing Halo and screaming obscenities and wearing a Penny Arcade shirt got down on one knee and proposed to me on the spot with his class ring.

I remember the boys arguing about who was going downstairs to meet the pizza guy. I never had to worry about this argument because I was the one girl there and they paid for my cheesy bread. Which in retrospect was fucking terrible. But I am never one to complain about free eats. I had quite the Halo Rage. Though it wasn’t as bad as my friend who was about 5’8 and a buck forty soaking wet. He broke numerous controllers and snapped 2 of 6 legs off a rolling office chair. He was the only one who sat in it because he knew how to balance in it just right. He also kept a wiffle ball bat in the closet in case a person ever wanted to smack the walls because they were made of brick. I learned to not punch the walls but pillows instead. And it’s best to slam my controller into the bed which served as a couch and not the floor. Also, just because something is wireless doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown.

And the Plasma Swords are still my favorite.

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One Response to great moments in cinema;

  1. leafer1984 says:

    Plasma swords rule Halo.
    Ahhh, breaking things over video games, done that a few times. Good days

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