Now Lookie Here, Fellas…

We’ve been waiting to give you the ratings for Red Wings/Ducks in the middle of a super busy time of the year for us.  So, until we get the ratings figures, there will be no post until the TV Guide tonight. 

Something to consider while we wait:

  • How terrific an analyst is VERSUS #2 guy Darren Eliot?  Often lumped with Joe Beninati, he gets to shine with other play-callers, as he did with Dave Strader during the Detroit-Anaheim telecast last night.  The big complaint about many NHL TV analysts is that they refuse to be X’s and O’s and just heap meaningless platitudes and buzzwords on the players.  Well, Eliot does exactly that, give the X’s and O’s (while managing to often be complementary).  He described what a “good shift” for Corey Perry would entail late in the game, and broke down Jonas Hiller’s goaltending technique expertly, as he was a former goalie.  What’s your opinion?

2 Responses to Now Lookie Here, Fellas…

  1. Laura says:

    Love Darren Eliot. He is the analyst for the Thrashers in addition to his work on Versus, and is great at describing all kinds of details about what is/should be happening on the ice while at the same time being very entertaining.

    • JerseyPete says:

      My nickname for Elliot is “Mushmouth”. He talks too fast and often mumbles at the same time. I wish I had an option of turning off the commentary and just listening to the rink sounds when he’s in the booth.

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