Dear Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins…

How dare you play a game so very entertaining.  Don’t you realize that when you play a balanced, aggressive, exciting game of hockey, we have to delay promos for IndyCar, and let the play-by-play man talk?  I mean, who wants to hear a play-by-play man talk about the game?  That Emrick fella we got?  His Emmys and Hall of Fame Awards were all for just letting the analyst jabber on about how cool it is that wooden sticks don’t break.  Plus, you know we hate how concise and to the point that Brickley guy is.  We want him to go on for hours and hours about buzzphrases like “Stick-on-stick” and “Man-on-man” like the goofy Chicago dude does.

This better not continue in Games 3 and 4, especially you Washington.  You know we need this series to go seven for anyone to really care about it.  We saw those NBC ratings on Saturday, a 1.4/4 is not a mainstream cross-over hockey series.

In summation, you boys better slow it down and keep it in the neutral zone for a good 80% of Game 3.  The good people at the “Las Vegas” tourism company appreciate it, as do we.

All our love,

The VERSUS Network (Now in 7.5 Homes)

5 Responses to Dear Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins…

  1. E says:

    Great post. I thought for sure this game would be the # 1 story on sportcenter this morning. For once, hockey is the story of the night, I thought! But, I should’ve known better. It took them 15 minutes of talking about the NBA before they talked about Caps-Penguins. Some things will never change, and the NHL should never ever go back to ESPN! They will never care about hockey.

  2. Jake says:

    Does anyone know what happens on a night like Thursday, where Versus has exclusive coverage of the Detroit/Anaheim late game and is also airing the early Chicago/Vancouver game?

    Will fans in Detroit and Anaheim be switched to their game even if Chicago/Vancouver are still playing, in OT for example?

    Please advise!

  3. Dave says:

    I think we, as fans, really need to lobby for more accessibility for the NHL network. Sometime in recent history, ESPN decided that its viewers didn’t like to watch hockey anymore, but instead would like basketball much, much better.

  4. downbylaw says:

    amazing. that’s how hockey should be played

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