Pens/Caps Game 1 Ratings Up 40% from Last Year

According to NBC Sports spokesman Brian Walker, NBC’s telecast of Pittsburgh/Washington’s Game 1 Eastern Conference Semi-final drew a 1.4/4 overnight rating on NBC.  These numbers are up 40% from last year’s comparable telecast (a 1.0/4 for Game 2 of Colorado/Detroit).  Obviously, the hype behind the series combined with those getting ready for the Kentucky Derby (The highest-rated race in 17 years) helped out.

We will know the Anaheim/Detroit ratings tomorrow.  But I would not be shocked if Ducks/Red Wings did an even better rating.

2 Responses to Pens/Caps Game 1 Ratings Up 402 from Last Year

  1. rob says:

    I don’t expect ducks/wings to draw a better overall rating due to how long it went, i’d like to see the quarterly results though

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