POLL: What Do You Think of VERSUS’ New Score Overlay

Please put specific gripes/praises in the comment section.

8 Responses to POLL: What Do You Think of VERSUS’ New Score Overlay

  1. Good: Cleaner, nicer fonts, with less of that red-on-black “screen saver” animation. I like the clipped logos better, too.

    Bad: It’s a little *too* tight. The 2nd row of the bar, with the period, time, and power play clock, is hard to read on ye olde standard definition.

    Ugly: They’re only half done. Anything that drops a 3rd row of text on the bar (line combinations, shots on goal, etc.), the full screen cards, and bottom-of-screen stat boxes still use their old fonts, which don’t look any better next to the new fonts.

  2. Wayne from AL says:

    So what’s the big deal; we’re still stuck with Bill Patrick, Keith Jones, and Brian Engblom…

  3. Scotty says:

    Kinda looks like ESPN. But it is nice and you can read it, so good job bby Versus.

  4. dyhrdmet says:

    i completely disagree with most of what was just said. the fonts are too SMALL, those team logos are too hard to see in the little box that they’re in. I wasn’t sure what those chopped logos were at first. the only things I can read are the teams’ names and “HD”.

  5. I can read it all just fine (on HD, mind) and think it’s an improvement. If they weren’t stuck on having one team on one side of the logo and one on the other, they could easily have the one-bar look that pretty much every other sports broadcaster goes with (or even the fox sports top-left box, really).

    It’s because they’ve set up their logo to be in the middle like that that they can’t have a simpler score bar.

    Also, there was some ad about some crap that flashed across the bottom while the play was on the near side of the ice and I’m pretty sure I missed a few seconds of action as a result. I think their slogan this year is too easy to ridicule as well.

  6. Rob says:

    My biggest complaint is that it’s hard to read. Yes, it’s smaller and less intruding — both good features. But to not be able to read the score, period and time is a HUGE drawback.

  7. BC says:

    Its a lot smaller so I like it. Now lets do something about all the words that are coming out of their mouths during the game. What a gab fest last night. What is so wrong about talking in present tense and about the actual game that’s going on?

  8. nosferatu says:

    In standard def., it’s oddly off-center. And without the HD graphics on the ends, it’s very clear that the bar is cut off on each side. It just looks weird.

    And safe to say, harder to read in SD than HD. But like most of these things, you begin to forget about it after a few minutes. And it’s a good reminder to go to the eye doctor to update your prescription.

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