Ducks-Red Wings is NBC’s Sunday Game

According to the Red Wings website, Anaheim-Detroit will boogie down at The Joe for Game 2 of their Western Conference Semi-final series this Sunday at 2:00 PM. 

An Eastern Conference series will air Saturday at 1:00 PM.  Likely Rangers-Boston if the Rangers win, DEFINITELY Pittsburgh-Boston if the Caps win.

Also, note that CBC gets the first two picks when it comes to Round 2.  Obviously, Canucks-Hawks is #1 priority, perhaps Red Wings-Ducks (so they can do doubleheaders every night) or Bruins-Penguins (to even things up).

As far as dates go, expect a Penguins/Rangers-Bruins to start Thursday with Hawks/Canucks paired.  With Ducks-Wings starting Friday, expect it to be paired up with a Devils/Capitals or Hurricanes-Bruins series.  If the Devils get a home series, it will definitely go Friday/Sunday, as Dane Cook is playing The Rock Saturday.  TD Banknorth Garden has a Commencement Friday, so a Thursday/Saturday series would make more sense for the Bruins.  Mellon Arena is free all weekend.


2 Responses to Ducks-Red Wings is NBC’s Sunday Game

  1. jg says:

    Caps / Devils would start in DC.

    Maybe they will put West Coast series on opposite nights this round, you know to benefit the fans. (imagine that)

  2. Keith says:

    Canes-B’s will be on Fri night, just saw it at the end of the telecast, almost certainly means that Caps-Pens on Thurs.

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