Programming Note: Another Short Week? You Betcha

We hate taking another day off lately, but we’re not going to be here Friday unless something breaks.  Nor will we be joining you Saturday/Sunday, so if you’ve gotten used to us playing with ya’ll those days lately, no posting from me then.

Who’s in for me?  Well, as you’d suspect, Wrap is on the case Saturday and Sunday.  She’s always awesome, we’re shocked she hangs with us.

But Friday we have a special treat!  The return of guest poster extraordinaire James “Tapeleg” Gralian from Jerseys and Hockey Love as well as The Rink.

Why are we not going to be here during a Round 2 playoff weekend?  Because A. We can’t take another weekend couped in the house hearing Pierre McGuire whine, and B. We’ve got tickets to the Bamboozle festival out in my old stomping grounds, the Giants Stadium parking lot.  If you’ve ever heard of Bamboozle but never gone, you’d probably see it as “Warped Tour in a Day” or “Coachella for 12 year olds”.  But all this week, we’re going to post 1 band from this year’s Bamboozle that totally doesn’t suck.

First up: Rise Against.


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