NHL Screws the Pooch on Monday/Tuesday Night Scheduling

Look, we get it must be hard for the NHL to plan ahead when it comes to scheduling when series end.  But the NHL has got to do better than its’ slate tonight when it comes to getting people into these series:

9:30 PM ET – Chicago vs. Calgary
10:30 PM ET – San Jose vs. Anaheim

Sure, with two networks covering the sport in Canada, there’s no real problem.  But with only VERSUS involved in the US, people will only be able to see all of one game (CGY-CHI), and only get to watch the third period.  The league could’ve switched the game to 8PM ET, as many Calgary home games this season have started at this time, and would provide ample time for a doubleheader.  But instead, US viewers will get shafted.

In a way, we have the exact opposite going on Tuesday:

7:00 PM ET – NY Rangers vs. Washington
7:30 PM ET – Carolina vs. New Jersey

Now, we get that the two games are in the ET zone, but the CAR-NJ could be moved back to 8, 8:15 or 8:30 to provide ample coverage in the States.  However, Canadian viewers are being screwed by this too.  The Hurricanes-Devils game is on TSN2, so many Canuck viewers can’t watch what will likely be the more exciting of the two game sevens.

We know we shouldn’t be that hard on the league for stuff that involves other outside factors.  But we simply feel like this could’ve been avoided.


8 Responses to NHL Screws the Pooch on Monday/Tuesday Night Scheduling

  1. BishopQ says:

    steve – at least the Devils won’t be on Versus. Then they’ll have a shot a winning. You’re right though, the league really blew it on the scheduling. They should be shifting things around.

  2. jkrdevil says:

    I’m going to cut them a break given all the other issues particulary timezones. I’m sure the folks in Calgary do not want a 6pm local start time for Game 6. That is what it would be if the game started at 8 eastern. Likewise I’m sure Lou and the Devils don’t want 8 or 8:30 start time. That puts people getting home real late on a worknight and causes people to stay home and watch on tv (this is only the 1st round you know). I don’t think I have ever seen a none Finals game start that late.

    • stub says:

      in the 1970s Rangers regulary had stanley cup playoff games at MSG starting at 835pm or 905pm, as there were afternoon circus performances at the Garden in those years

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    Why doesn’t the NHL move a game to the NHL Network for both evenings? I know distribution of the NHL Network isn’t as good as Versus but it would be better than nothing….

    • seekup77 says:

      That actually would be a great idea! I know that some of us have Center Ice so we’ll be able to pick which game we watch, but the league should be doing everything in its power to promote these playoff games to as many households as possible.

      This would be a perfect example of a GOOD use of the NHL Network (which has been mostly misused for its entire existance). It hard to believe that there will be a Game 7 on Tuesday that most people WONT get to see….

  4. Josh says:

    I actually kind of like the Tuesday night schedule the way it is (though I freely admit I’m in Canada and I get both TSN and TSN2).

    Having the start times staggered as they are means that there won’t be any times where both games are in intermission at the same time. There will always be something to watch.

  5. Josh says:

    And about your 8PM/6PM Calgary start time contention (“many Calgary games have…”), I’d say that most if not all of the games you’re talking about have been Saturday games. And either way, they weren’t in the playoffs.

  6. BC says:

    The Devils and Rangers series started on different days, so I don’t know why it suddenly switched to same days for games 6/7. If the schedule had stayed the way it started, there would be no EC conflict.

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