Equal Time: The Pensblog Strikes Back


Credit: TPB

Credit: TPB

You know, this is gonna’ sound like a cop out, but once we write something about someone that’s less than complementary, we really leave it all out there.  We’re done with it.  We think the guys who write The Pensblog are real swell.  We’d love to hang out with them if they travel up to Jersey for the Devils-Penguins series in Round 2… in 2014 or so.

That said, they did go pretty low with their shot back at me in their post yesterday.  Talk about cheap:

PUCK THE MEDIA’s Steve Lepore says we have lost the battle with NBC.


No blog post about Steve losing the battle to male pattern baldness. wooo

Woah there, boys.  You can’t just attack a man’s hair like that.  Shit is out of line!  Oh well, what am I to do.  Only 14 people read my blog according to the C-Bloggers who flamed my own comments, so I’m left powerless against your mighty wits.

Anyway, now that that’s over, some of the inbreds over at The Pensbore made some good points.  Like “debrisslide” who made a point we certainly empathize with about being unable to afford playoff tickets:

I was there last year during the SCF, when NBC wasn’t douching people.
Aside from some people screaming obscenities at Wings fans, it was pretty family friendly and a great atmosphere, and is wonderful for all the fans to come together. If you find any YouTubes of it, the atmosphere is actually pretty electrifying.
Having it taken away sucks. I’m in college and I can’t afford to go to NHL playoff games inside the arena, and the screen was the next best thing. I was so excited to get off of school this summer and (provided the Pens make it deep in the playoffs) chill at the big screen with my friends and boyfriend. But deep in the playoffs means NBC, which means my fucking couch. It sucks. It’s such a great thing that the Pens organization does for its fans. Pensblog is right to try to raise hell about it, however unsuccessful their efforts and unrealistic their goals. We wouldn’t be the fanbase we are if they didn’t.

Well done, sir.  I’m a college student as well, and I understand wanting to be a part of a run while still maintaining my dirt poor-ness.  But I think “NNYPensFan” makes the ultimate point of the entire “war”:

We may not win the battle, or the war, but we have made our point. The NBC mailboxes have been filled to capacity and beyond with emails from The Pensblog voicing our displeasure over the change of heart by NBC. (They had no problem allowing the NBC games to be aired on the big screen last year.) If nothing else, have have inconvenienced them, as they did us.

Amen to you sir.  Thanks to all The Pensblog readers who rose our total readership up to 16 this week.  And thanks to those goofy homos over at the “The Pensblog Staff” for being fairly solid dudes about all of this.


4 Responses to Equal Time: The Pensblog Strikes Back

  1. Uh…I’m pretty sure debrisslide isn’t a “sir.”

  2. debrisslide says:

    Yeah, I am not a sir, ahahaha. Though acknowledging my manhood following a paragraph in which I refer to my boyfriend shows an awesome tolerance for homosexuality. Thanks for the ups and solid post. . .poor college students FTW.

  3. Kimberlass says:

    I’m surprised wraparoundcurl wasn’t here for the “sir” correction.

    PH ladies FTW. Being poor…FTL?

  4. stevelepore says:

    @Debrisslide: I apologize for the mistake, but even had I realized my mistake, I would’ve called you sir (or at best, ma’am). it’s my little Kevin Smith/Jersey affectation.

    Thanks for understanding.

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