Rambling with the Devils: Why We’re Sure We’re Gonna’ Lose Game 4

You may read this blog occasionally and think that I’m a fairly positive person.  Well, when you meet the Devils fan version of me, you meet a completely different person.  I think the Devils are never going to win.  Ever.  I’m absolutely stunned we’ve made the playoffs for 12 consecutive Springs.  The fact that this team has three Stanley Cups comes as baffling.

So it should come as no shock to anyone that I doubt the Devils will win Game 4.  I doubted they would win t 1 and Game 3.  I got cocky after Game 1, and look what happened!  But anyway, we really do think this team had their bags packed for Jersey the second Zajac won Game 3 in OT.  I think they’re happy with a split guaranteed heading into this game, and some of these players can get really lazy when it comes down to it.

So enjoy this Game 4, Carolina’s uneducated fanbase.  Oh, that’s an unfair generalization?  The crowd thought a penalty had been called when the puck had been played by a high stick.  I have a three-year old cousin that understands that rule.  We understand that there are some educated Hurricane fans, most of them named David.  But the rest of them can enjoy their drunken stupor after Game 4 and be ready to do battle in Newark on Thursday.

Besides, if we go up 3-1, we’ll totally let them win three straight to take the series.  Somehow.

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