BREAKING: Pens-Flyers Rematch Scores NBC Highest Ratings Since Winter Classic

So this is an interesting one.  According to SportsBusinessDaily (reg. required), NBC’s coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs had a mixed weekend.  While the network’s Saturday coverage of Rangers/Capitals Game 2 drew a mere 1.0/3, flat with last year’s comparable Predators-Red Wings game, Sunday’s telecast of the Penguins-Flyers Game 3, drew a huge (for hockey) 1.7/4, NBC’s highest hockey ratings since the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, and likely tied for the highest non-Finals/Winter Classic rating on NBC in the network’s history.

NBC’s Stanley Cup Playoff coverage continues next weekend with  Conference Quarterfinal matchups Saturday at 3:00 PM ET (Penguins/Flyers Game 6 or another available quarterfinal) and Sunday at 1:00 PM ET (Rangers/Capitals Game 6 or Devils/Hurricanes Game 6 if NYR/WSH is unavailable).

UPDATE 1:28 PM ET: According to Sports Media Watch, the game did a whopping 18.6/33 in Pittsburgh (Meaning 1 in every 3 households with a TV watched it) and a 7.0/15 in Philadelphia.  Paulsen also notes that it is a 70% jump from last year’s Flyers/Caps game, and even with last year’s Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the two teams, which drew a 1.7 as well.


2 Responses to BREAKING: Pens-Flyers Rematch Scores NBC Highest Ratings Since Winter Classic

  1. Justin says:

    I would have watched the Rangers/Caps game on saturday if it wasn’t for some stupid autism special that the local NBC covered instead.

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