Your Night One Stanley Cup Playoff Ratings

All ratings figures come from TV By the Numbers, and we’ll do it by network and by game:


Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh – 0.42 rating (up 5%), 316,896 households (up 9%), 442,791 viewers (up 23%).

St. Louis vs. Vancouver – 0.34 rating (up 10%), 257,092 households (up 13%), 344,295 viewers (up 31%).

Overall – 0.38 rating (up 6%), 286,290 households (up 10%), 392,384 viewers (up 25%).


Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh – 641,000 viewers.  Down 44% from last year, but only down 7% from Game 1 of the PHI-PIT ECF series in 2008.

St. Louis vs. Vancouver – 1.388 million viewers.  Up 55% from last year.

Overall – 1.011 million viewers.  Down 7,000 viewers from 2008.


NY Rangers vs. Washington – 521,000 viewers (up 92%).

Carolina vs. New Jersey (JIP) – 349,000 viewers (up 35%).

Overall – 504,000 viewers (up 91%).


Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh – 329,000 viewers.  Down 23% from 2008, but up 51% from Game 1 of PHI-PIT ECF series.

St. Louis vs. Vancouver – 105,000 viewers (down 50%).

Overall – 217,000 viewers (down 35%).

By Game, Total Number of Viewers Who Watched Each Game Nationally

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh – 1.412 Million viewers (VERSUS/CBC/RDS).

St. Louis vs. Vancouver – 1.837 Million viewers (VERSUS/CBC/RDS).

NY Rangers vs. Washington – 521,000 viewers (TSN).

Carolina vs. New Jersey – 329,000 viewers (TSN).

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2 Responses to Your Night One Stanley Cup Playoff Ratings

  1. EnsErmac says:

    Considering those numbers for Philly/Pittsburgh don’t even involve the local market (games were on FSN/CSN) that is a nice increase.

  2. Chris says:

    I can’t wait to see if RDS got more ratings than CBC for the Habs game.

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