NBC Makes Lame Decision to Ruin Pens Fans Fun

From the Penguins Website:

The Penguins will not show Sunday’s Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs on the outdoor screen in front of Mellon Arena because of a decision by NBC Sports.

Sunday’s game will be televised nationally by NBC. As a policy, NBC Sports does not allow teams to show their broadcasts on arena screens.

The Penguins will show Game 2 tonight on the outdoor screen, and will resume the screen for Game 4 Tuesday night. Both of those games will be broadcast locally by FSN Pittsburgh.

What is the point of this?  To get a few hundred more Penguins fans to go home and turn on their TV instead of watching it on a big screen with all the fans?  Pointlessly dumb decision by a network that doesn’t really care that much about hockey.

4 Responses to NBC Makes Lame Decision to Ruin Pens Fans Fun

  1. dyhrdmet says:

    those couple hundered fans would each help in the ratings (unless they all went to a sports bar to watch the game). they probably wouldn’t be counted in the ratings watching on that big screen. and we all know NBC needs all the help it can get in their NHL ratings.

  2. K. Michelle says:

    I’ve already taken off NBC from my channels list on DirecTV and will listen to Pens broadcasts on the radio or watch online. NBC has made a thoughtless decision and I won’t watch them. One little viewer isn’t going to affect their ratings, but it makes me feel better. 🙂

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  4. FAQ_NBC says:

    Yeah. My family and I are in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and planned on watching the games on the Arena screen. What a huge disappointment and f**k you to people that actually CARE about hockey.

    My family and I *did* watch Heroes and The Office and certain other shows on NBC (the WORST network television channel today) but due to this slight we have decided to not watch anything on the network from this point forward. FOX, ABC, premium channels and even CBS have a much higher quality of broadcast programming, and if we do want to catch an NBC show, we will torrent it. We will not even give NBC DVR ratings. Our friends feel the same way.

    The pendulum swings both ways. Oh and by the way, our circle ended up going to a sports bar to see the game anyway, in public with fellow fans…so what the hell was the point?

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