Hockey “A Rising Stock in a Dreary Economy”

Okay, then.  Media Life Magazine gives the NHL some credit for improving it’s marketing:

Hockey, mostly nationally televised games, pulled in more than $22 million from October through February, up 20 percent over the year-earlier period, according to ad-tracking firm TNS Media Intelligence.

Ad demand remains strong for post-season games, say buyers. NHL quarterfinals began on Wednesday and continue through the end of the month. The Stanley Cup will take place sometime in early June.

Versus has lined up sponsors like Anheuser-Busch, Verizon, McDonald’s, Bridgestone, and first-time advertisers Taco Bell and Domino’s, according to the network.

“In a down ad market the NHL is growing and, with some luck on the ice, will make some advertisers look very savvy,” says Becher. “They are a rising stock in a dreary economy.”

This is a point we’ve wanted to make on this blog for quite some time.  In Television, the ratings don’t matter so much as what the program is able to command for advertisements, because of the audience the program reaches.  “The Office” is a show that draws a fairly miniscule rating compared to what would be considered a massive “hit” show, but it does well in demographics that advertisers love.  Ditto the NHL, and that’s why there’s still demand for it, in addition to the sport being a bit of a bargain compared to the other three.

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