out of the loop.

Certain things are only funny to hockey people. Things like the NHL commercial with the maid and the dude dressed up as a goalie. But to explain things to a non-hockey person, it can be difficult. Have you ever tried explaining Don Cherry to someone who thinks hockey games have quarters? It will make your brain bleed.

Take for example my BFF. He knows I love and adore hockey, but he doesn’t entirely understand it all. My BFF actually kinda looks like the metal version of Sidney Crosby. If the Cros had long hair, drove a Mustang and listened to Mastadon. That’s my BFF. I try to exlain it all to him and he is just like, “ok….can I play Fallout now?” The best part is his names is Crosby as well.

And then his bro had a kid. Well, his girlfriend, but you get it. They had a lovely and healthy baby girl named Avery. THE CHILD IS NAMED AVERY CROSBY. The family watches no sports, save for the occasional epis of America’s Gladiators on ESPN Classic. I nearly died laughing when I heard the name. “That’s not a funny name! It’s pretty!” “NO I agree, it is really is pretty!” Then I attempted to fill in the backstory on Mr Sean Avery including the Cuthbert Incident. BFF just looked at me and I said, “I will stop talking now.”

Will I be buying her Rangers or Pens gear? Tough decision. I will probably buy her a Maple Leaf onesie instead.

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Hi I'm Heather. Call me WAC. Everyone else does.

One Response to out of the loop.

  1. It’s like trying to explain to everyone at work why 1) I might kinda be mentally non-existent at work for like the next month 2) why the idea of cow bells drive me batty and 3) why I wear my Flames jersey on game day.

    AVERY CROSBY!!! HOLYFUKINCHIT! Srsly? I’m thinking the Leaf onesie is the best idea… I have a friend named Chris Mason… he doesn’t appreciate my ‘minder jokes.

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