Could Canadian TV Actually Be Screwing Viewers For Once?

Here in the States, American fans are always talking about how the NHL and it’s television deals are keeping them from watching enough games on national TV.  Well, this time it could be the other way around.  Many of our commenters have been talking about how TSN2 is keeping people from watching games on Canadian TV.

Usually up there, TSN and CBC cannot cover every game.  But the NHL is giving TSN four series this year and allowing them to screw over some Canucks in two ways.  One, many Flames fans in Calgary do not get TSN.  So a certain percentage of their fanbase is unable to see the games.  Two, the other series they’re covering are being pushed to TSN2, which is not carried on a couple of cable systems, most notably Rogers Cable.  To make matters worse, TSN2 games cannot be carried on the Canadian edition of Center Ice, so any viewers who shelled out $140 for the regular season and first and second-round playoff games are left out in the cold.

So, to our Canadian fans, are you one of these people, is the NHL actually dropping the ball here?

11 Responses to Could Canadian TV Actually Be Screwing Viewers For Once?

  1. Leafsfan1967 says:

    My understanding is that the reason why TSN2 isn’t available is down to a nasty dispute over money between TSN and only one of the big cable companies.

    I’m also curious as to why TSN2 isn’t availbe on NHLCI in Canada?

    I’m still waiting to see what NHL CI does for fans here in the States. As of right now there is still nothing scheduled, which means hockey fans in Philadelphia who have either DirecTV or Dish Network will have no game to watch tomorrow at 7.

    Also, it still strikes me as odd that Versus would scheduly overlapping games so that they will at most only show half of the Calgary/Blues series.

  2. Chris says:

    Absolutely the NHL is dropping the ball. They could simulcast the TSN2 games on the NHL Network (CTV (which owns TSN) partly owns the NHL Network. I don’t see what’s the problem. Plus, TSN has online streaming rights, but chose not to use them. TSN are a bunch of greedy retards.

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:

    NHLCI may yet come through for fans in the States and pick up the Hawks and Flames games, but with just over 24 hours to go before the playoffs start there is still no schedule information available.

    It’s a disgrace that the NHL can’t find a way to get all their playoff games on natinal tv in both Canada and the States.

  4. Travis says:

    Steve, I think it be great if you got to the bottom of this TSN2 debate and find out why the NHL Network or CI can’t pick up these games on the biggest cable provider in Canada.

    TSN2 put 30 Toronto Raptors games this year, so most of Toronto couldn’t even see their home town team.

  5. It’s a combination of factors but the dispute boils down to Rogers (one of the cable companies) and TSN. At the end of the day, Rogers doesn’t want more hockey on TV because it takes away from their massive investment in baseball and TSN wants more money.

    Either way, consumers lose.

  6. Trizent says:

    THe last TWO years, NHL playoff games have been on TSN-ALT (predessor to TSN2). These games were also not in NHLCI. The same way that (regular season and playoff)games on CBC that are not available nationwide and only on are not in NHLCI in Canada.

  7. dyhrdmet says:

    In Canada, all the games are picked up by national rights holders (CBC, TSN/TSN2), so there’s no Centre Ice.

    As far as greed goes, remember that TSN is part owned (20%) by ESPN.

    I’d love you to get an interview with Gary Bettman on this site to try to answer some of these concerns.

  8. Leafsfan1967 says:

    And while we are busy pointing fingers at Rogers and TSN could we get some asnwers on why, at least so far, there are NO games scheduled for NHLCI in the States which means fans here won’t have any better treatment than the people of Canada who can’t get TSN2

    Both of these situations are a disservice to hockey fans in both countries.

  9. Trizent says:

    There will be games in NHLCI in USA, don’t worry. All none VS/NBC games will be in. The big question is WILL THE JIP games on VERSUS also be in CI in the USA?

  10. Leafsfan1967 says:

    The big question is WILL THE JIP games on VERSUS also be in CI in the USA?

    >> Exactly. The obvious answer is yes they should be but are we expecting the NHL to do something logical?

  11. Leafsfan1967 says:

    The NHLCI schedule is now showing up on DirecTV and it looks as if they have the non Versus games covered including the Hawks Flames game that Verus is giving secondary coverage on Thursday.

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