The Edwards Interview Reaction

Seen that picture quite a bit this week.  It’s been an interesting effect on us this week after we interviewed Jack Edwards in two parts.  We’ve heard a lot of opinions about ESPN, the NHL, and us in general.  The pageviews have been good, were not going to lie.  But we think a lot of people wanted to see this issue brought up. 

To be honest, the whole ESPN question was improvised.  It came up on a whim, and it produced all this.

On Frozen Blog felt the story got to the heart of ESPN’s hatred of hockey, and why the NHL should appreciate the coverage the new media gives it:

We wish the good-hockey-hearted still in residence in Bristol would follow Edwards’ lead and get out of their 4th-class berth, but we also know that Daddy’s got put food on the table.

This is important insider stuff PTM has provided, and it’s a powerful reminder that not only should the NHL savor the broadening coverage that new media is affording the sport but that some ex-girlfriend media entities don’t merit Christmas cards, let alone coy flirtations with a future together in mind.  

The Big Lead lined Edwards up with another ESPN basher:

The result of a conversation between Edwards and Jason Whitlock would surely result in, “Let’s burn down Bristol. Let’s burn it to the ground!”

Puck Daddy dedicated an entire post to our story:

Regarding ESPN’s coverage of hockey, it’s not too hard to figure out that the network is a self-referential whore, willing to put over any sport with which it has a monetary relationship and burying the competition. And if you think that isn’t the case, then you must have forgotten the treatment the XFL received (before a single game was played) for daring to cast its lot with NBC.

Would that change if the NHL went back to ESPN? Potentially. The League is a much more marketable commodity than it was before the lockout, with breakout young stars like Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, and with a television-friendly (though competitively corrupt) skills competition in overtime. The trap years are a dreary memory; ESPN could actually deliver on a promise of offense to the basketball fans in its audience.

The Philadelphia reaction was quite interesting to read, for sure.  That was best emphasized by Philabright, who translated the interview.

Finally, Sports Media Watch suggested that ESPN has no incentive to move hockey up in it’s highlights hierarchy:

If the passion of hockey fans stood to benefit ESPN in any way, for example, higher ratings for SportsCenter, then there would be more NHL highlights. But until ESPN has some incentive to start airing more NHL highlights, until that passion translates into something tangible, hockey highlights will remain on the back burner.

Thanks to everyone who linked to the story, and everyone who gave their opinion.  Now let’s put it to rest and enjoy the final weekend of the NHL season and the Frozen Four.

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5 Responses to The Edwards Interview Reaction

  1. FlyersFan says:

    Tim Panaccio wrote this about Jack Edwards interview

    “Finally, a note to Jack Edwards, who says the Philly media – and this reporter, in particular – “swallowed” the story of Randy Jones’ hit on Patrice Bergeron “whole” from over a year ago. Edwards made the remark in this week’s “Puck the Media” interview online.

    Jack, as someone who watches the same team every day, you get to know how players conduct themselves on the ice. To that end, those of us who follow the Flyers knew instinctively that Jones’ hit on Bergeron from behind was without malice. I said it twice in Boston last season on local radio and TV, and I’ll say it again: If Bergeron doesn’t stop short of the boards with his head down, it’s a nothing play in a hockey game. He put himself in harm’s way. Jones never intended to hurt Bergeron. There’s nothing to swallow here, Jack, but stubborn Boston pride.”

  2. Wayne from AL says:

    Let me be blunt: until both the “hip-hop” crowd and the Maxim magazine demographic embrace the NHL, The Worldwide Leader couldn’t give a damn about the league…and why should they?

  3. Kaptain Canuck says:

    I can tell you one thing, there are alot of people who could careless if the Worldwide leaders, of the majority of the American people care about the league.

    Nor do they care if Jack Edward does another telecast, of even take another breath of air. Personally, I hope the idiot falls over.

    Have a great day guys.

    Peace Out

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