Brooks: VERSUS/NBC Should Hire Hrudey

It’s fairly rare we agree with NY Post Columnist Larry Brooks, but a nugget of truth at the end of what is a fairly decent Sunday column:

Finally, there is no better hockey show than Hockey Night in Canada’s “After Hours with Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey,” the latter of whom is the hidden gem — hidden south of the border, that is — whose presence would elevate dramatically the shockingly inferior NBC and Versus telecasts.

We agree, Kelly Hrudey is as level-headed as any other NHL analyst, but actually has an interesting opinion, and an ability to break down hockey in terms the normal viewer can understand.

We’d like to see a VERSUS studio of John Buccigross, Kelly Hrudey and Andy Brickley.  What do you all think?

One Response to Brooks: VERSUS/NBC Should Hire Hrudey

  1. Andy Brickley doesn’t get talked up enough.

    Imagine the relief he would get from having a studio show that doesn’t include Mike Milbury OR Jack Edwards yelling in either ear? (love the play-by-play, but….)

    Also, this could turn the Instigators into an Edwards/Milbury cage match.

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