Shopping with Wrap: WTF Edition.

AHWWW Hell Naw.

AHWWW Hell Naw.

So this was in my Gmail inbox today. Have you met the new merch? It’s only 31.99 and isn’t even available in every team! It’s the Rebel tshirt collection. I wondered what the Gotti boys are up to, apparently designing shit with Ed Hardy. This shirt, in the words of Cher, it’s a total Monet. From a distance it looks kind cool and up close it’s all sorts of wrong. Look at it, it’s like Dogma with explodey heads and wings. Where the fuck is Ben Affleck when you need him? Dudes this is not edgy and hip. It’s completely and utterly icky. I would file it under the category of popped collars and friggen Corona and other beer brand flip flops and things worn spring break in Cabo. No! Bad NHL! I am smacking you on the nose with a newspaper.

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Hi I'm Heather. Call me WAC. Everyone else does.

6 Responses to Shopping with Wrap: WTF Edition.

  1. shindig! says:

    this post made my day lol..THANK YOU!

  2. stevelepore says:

    I was going to point this to you. You’re ahead of the game, ma’am.

  3. stevelepore says:

    Also, it’s totally for the angry guido in your life.

  4. loser domi says:

    I’mk kinda irked by the banner at the bottom that places the emphasis on National and places it between Hockey and league. It looks like it reads “Hockey National League”

  5. sleza says:

    well… it’s not pink and doesn’t include glitter.. it’s something, right?

  6. Ken says:

    You’re too funny, wrap. I love reading these.

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