Dear Darren Eliot…

Dear Darren Eliot,

Has someone at the NHL erased your brain of Sean Avery’s tenure with the Stars.  You mentioned on many occasions during last night’s VERSUS telecast of the Devils-Rangers game that this was the first time Brodeur and the Devils had faced Avery since last year’s playoff season.  The Devils played the Stars early in the season, and beat them 5-0.  Avery did play, though he didn’t really participate.  You should really do a little more research for something that’s the leading headline of your telecast.  Unless you’re really in the business of hyping a rivalry that everyone’s tired of at this point.

Otherwise, we’re fans, shoot us an E-mail.  Sucks about Cornell.


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3 Responses to Dear Darren Eliot…

  1. Pete says:

    Why don’t you write a letter to Doc saying that Scott Gomez did not score the first goal and number 17 is actually Dubinsky…or how about that Travis Zajac missed the net on a breakaway chance last week and didn’t actually score…

    Stop being such a no it all jackass.

  2. Wayne from AL says:

    Down here in the SportSouth/Thrashers viewing area, we refer to him as “Darren Idiot”

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