NBC Draws 1.0 For Another Yawn-Inducing Match-up

Both hockey and pro hoops got lost in the shuffle this weekend, as The NHL On NBC drew a 1.0/2 for it’s broadcast of Flyers/Pens, according to Sports Business Daily (reg. required).  It was tied with “NBA Countdown” on ABC for third-lowest rated sports programming of the weekend, as only a US Snowboarding event on NBC and a NASCAR pre-race show drew worse.

But, all in all, nothing really drew that well this weekend.  ABC’s Heat-Pistons broadcast managed a meager 1.4/3, while PGA action averaged a 1.5 in two days of coverage, and mighty NASCAR shrunk to it’s lowest rating of the season with a 4.1.  All in all, this was a chance for the NHL to truly get buried against March Madness, but that did not happen, as the NHL continues to draw the same audience, week after week.


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2 Responses to NBC Draws 1.0 For Another Yawn-Inducing Match-up

  1. kevin says:

    I don’t see how the NHL can get the same rating every week! It has to vary like the NBA ratings do. Every other sport varies from week to week. Are they even bothering to calculate them? As for the hockey game I don’t see how it was any more dull than the NBA game or NASCAR or 75% of the NCAA games…and I won’t even mention MLB

  2. dyhrdmet says:

    I think NBC and the NHL should have gone with the Devils-Bruins matchup, for this reason – if this is a possible Eastern Conf. Finals preview, shouldn’t NBC see what they’re getting themselves into for the playoffs?

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