BREAKING NEWS: Rangers/Flyers draws 1.1/3

According to SporsBusinessDaily (reg. required), the NBC telecast of the Rangers/Flyers game drew a 1.1/3 overnight.  That’s even with last year’s comparable telecast (3/16/08, PHI vs. PIT) and tied for the 3rd lowest sports overnight rating that weekend, tied with the Conference USA Championship Game and NBA Countdown, and only ahead of ABC and CBS’ NCAA Hoops pre-game shows.


2 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Rangers/Flyers draws 1.1/3

  1. rizzo says:

    You should inform people that NBA Countdown is the pregame show on ABC and not the actual game which was a Lakers Mavs game.

  2. kevin says:

    I find it kinda hard to believe that the NHL gets a 1.0 or 1.1 every week. All the other sports whether it’s NBA or golf or college Bball the ratings jump around from week to week but the NHL is always the same. The ratings are higher for a Miss/Tenn Bball game than a NY/Phi hockey game. I guarantee nobody in NY or Philly could name one player on the Tenn and Miss. Bball teams. It’s all a scam….

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