ain’t leavin’ til six in the morn’.

just riding on homies handle bars. for shizzle, dizzle.

Snoop, man I love you. But I have never understood this fashion choice. I mean the opening lines are “With so much drama in the LBC/it’s hard being Snoop D-O double G.” But seconds prior you are rocking a Penguins jersey. How does this work? What led to this fashion choice? Given that this is your early work and it’s wonderfully low budget I assume there was no stylist on set. And even then, Snoop doesn’t need a stylist. So clearly you picked this jersey on your own. What gives, G? But if I remember correctly you rock a Kings jersey now.



If anyone can explain the jersey to me, I will love you forever. And mail you a prize.

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9 Responses to ain’t leavin’ til six in the morn’.

  1. Bryan says:

    This was in the era of rap where everybody was wearing hockey jerseys. It was awesome. I think that’s the only real reason why Snoop is wearing a Penguins jersey – it’s a hockey jersey, it’s black (another big 90s fad), and he got it customized. That’s not cheap. I still remember beaming with pride when some rapper was wearing an Islanders jersey on MTV. I’m almost certain it was Chuck D. from Public Enemy; I also think he was getting arrested at the time. Still, it made me happy.

  2. Snoop is a ducks fan now. Don’t you remember the playoffs two years ago? He was bringing his kids to games. He even did a spot on his show where he went skating with some of the players on the Ducks.

    The Pens jersey is probably just because he was a Jagr fan. Or it’s a sick jersey.

  3. loser domi says:

    in the same video he had on another jersey for another team, I forget which one. It was green.

  4. Leahy says:

    @LD: that would be the Springfield Indians

  5. Jeanette says:

    he’s also been seen in the current pens jersey. i know he’s a big steelers fan too. he named his kids team after them and performed at the steelers last super bowl victory party. i’m pretty sure he’s just a big pittsburgh fan in general, not to mention a huge sports fan overall.

  6. Jon says:

    It is definitly because he is a HUGE Pittsburgh steelers fan and probably liked the Pens jersey because A.) from Pittsburgh B.) Same colours as the steelers.

    Now he is a Ducks fan

  7. The Springfield Indians jersey negates the jersey foul of the Pittsburgh Penguins jersey.

    I forgot that he wore a Pens jersey but I definitely remember that sweet Indians sweater.

  8. Mac says:

    The REAL reason why he wears the Pens jersey is the same reason why he wears the Steelers jersey. Snoop is a Crip, as we all know, and being a Gang member means you have to wear your gang’s colors, crip blue. Now the Crips are sub divided into “sets” by what streets they “slang,” or sell, drugs upon. Each set has their own colors witch identifies them from their counterparts. Snoop is from a certain set, who’s colors are Black and Yellow. Snoop wears these colors to “represent” his set.

    I am a pens fan and that is common knowledge amongst us in Pittsburgh.
    Where’s my prize? HAHA

  9. Mac, email me and I will arrange a prize.


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