And So… A Week Off

We know, we know.  You’re all not happy.  But the site isn’t going away.  We’ll break anything massive that happens and post the VERSUS threads and whatnot.  But we’ve got 6 days of subs, so you can hang with them while I sit back in a hammock and eat bon bons.  Not really, but we need to take care of some things next week, and we’ll be back soon.  If Marty breaks the record next week we’ll likely have something to say there too.  Here’s your guest list for next week:

Monday: Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites
Tuesday: Bryan Berg of NY Hockey Rivalry
Wednesday: Chris Wassel of The Program
Thursday and Friday: Wrap Around Curl

Enjoy the week, see you the 23rd.  It’ll be exactly 20 days until the end of the season, and 23 days until the post-season.  I imagine I’ll be pretty darn excited.  I hope you will too.

Thank you, one more time, for your support of Puck the Media.

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