Bob McKenzie: “Zero Validity” to Eklund/ESPN Rumor


TSN Insider Bob McKenzie

TSN Insider Bob McKenzie

It takes quite a bit to get Bob McKenzie activating his ol’ HFBoards account, and he usually uses it these days to disspell ridiculous Eklund rumors.  But it usually has to be something really, really stupid.  The last notable time he posted was to shoot down Eklund’s retrospectively trite “Ovechkin to Nashville” rumors.  

But McKenzie came back into the HF fold in the wake of the large HF thread on Eklund’s rumor that the NHL will go back to ESPN for Stanley Cup, Conference Finals, and every NBC game except for the Winter Classic, and VERSUS sticks around for, whatever else.  He posted the following on Hockey’s Future Forums:

I checked it out. My sources say: Zero validity to this story. None.

We have got to get Bob McKenzie to do an interview with us.  His awesomeness radiates with us daily, and never more so than when killing Dwayne rumors.

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