What Did Hockey Ever Do to Jim Lampley?


HBO/NBC Broadcaster Jim Lampley

HBO/NBC Broadcaster Jim Lampley

We reported, as did numerous others last week, that Al Michaels is replacing Jim Lampley as the daytime host of NBC’s Olympic coverage.  Dick Ebersol said at the time that he “could not imagine” having Mr. Lampley working in some role in Vancouver.  Well, Bob Raissman thinks differently:

Start imagining. Spies say Lampley was offered the hockey-host gig and turned it down.

Ouch, Lampley.  Well, that leaves only a couple names left for the “hockey-host” gig.  It’ll take a great man, who can watch hockey with Mike Milbury all day.  We’ll do it!  If you ask us!  Sorry.  Anyway, it’s pretty clear that it’s either gonna’ be Bill Patrick or Bill Clement.  Both are on NBC’s Olympic payroll, and both have hosted Olympic coverage in the past.  Unless the Peacock finds another high-profile name to host, it’ll likely be one of those two.

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