Breaking News: Alex/Sid Showdown Draws 1.1 on NBC

According to Sports Business Journal (reg. required),  NBC’s telecast of the Penguins/Capitals game on Sunday drew a 1.1/3 overnight rating.  It ties Rangers/Penguins (1/18/08) and Red Wings/Penguins (2/8/08) for the highest indoor rating NBC’s drawn this season.  The only comparable game from last year is the March 2nd Rangers/Flyers broadcast, which also drew a 1.1 rating.  

The only competition for the game in it’s timeslot was Villanova/Syracuse college hoops on CBS, which scored a rare victory (this season, at least) over hockey with a 1.6/4.

NBC is averaging a 1.4 overnight rating so far this season, definitely up from last season.  The NHL on NBC returns on Sunday, March 8th with their telecast of Bruins-Rangers at 12:30 PM ET.


7 Responses to Breaking News: Alex/Sid Showdown Draws 1.1 on NBC

  1. CrosbySucks says:

    Before the March 8th game is even telecast I can tell you the ratings witll be right around 1.1/3 overnight ratings. Why? you say because NBC insists on bring the same teams within the same market every single week. The ratings will never go up, as long as NBC continues to just market to the East Coast.

  2. OvechkinCherryPicks says:

    I bet more homes tuned in to this game in Pittsburgh than Washington.

  3. CrosbySucks says:

    Pittsburgh is what something like the 20th biggest media market in the US. Big deal if people in pittsburgh watch. How about nbc try attraching bid audiences in huge media markets such as LA #2, Dallas, SF Bay Area, Denver, Seattle. You know those west coast cities. I am sure all hockey fans in those cities (okay I know Seattle doesn’t have an NHL team, but Vancouver is nearby). Will be getting up at 9:30 am on a Sunday Mornining to watch Boston play against the Rangers…Wow talk about a snoozer. The Rangers are boring as heck, and of course NBC brings them every other week on TV.

    Tell me this when was the last time NBC brought an NHL game from a West Coast City (Detroit btw is not a West Coast City). NBC coverage of the nhl is east coast coverage only, unlike Versus which tries to bring the NHL on a national basis.

  4. CrosbySucks says:

    That should be big, not bid.

  5. CrosbySucks says:

    BTW NBC seems to have already released their schedule for the 09-10 NHL season.

    The schedule features the Rangers 7 times, Team Crosby 6 times, The Flyers 6 times, The Bruins 3 times, Washington 3 times, Detroit 2 times, Chicago 2 times, and New Jersey 2 times. While continuing to ignore any teams west of Detroit.

    Meanwhile Bettman continues to promote hockey in the USA by playing games in such traditional US hockey cities as Copenhagen, Moscow, and Prague. Great job of promoting hockey in the USA gary.

  6. OvechkinCherryPicks says:

    Your own name CrosbySucks should tell you why Pittsburgh & Crosby are on so much. Crosby haters are part of the audience that tune in and thus ratings go up. NBC & Versus love Crosby and Detroit as well as the New York market because they’re guaranteed an audience. No team west of Detroit with the exception of the rebounding Chicago Blackhawks guarantee NBC or Versus an audience. Thanks again! CrosbySucks for watching the player you hate and NBC appreciates it also.

  7. stevelepore says:

    @Crosby Sucks: When and Where can we find this magical 2009-10 NBC schedule?

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