Luke Schenn Will Make Your Husband Gay.

nothing but man love.

nothing but man love.

I always enjoy paying attention to Google Ads. Really there is some comedy gold to be had in there. Going through my email this morning I had ads for new laptops, Cheerios, karate training and Rangers jerseys. Now, I am not entirely sure what let to Google asking me if my fake hubby is gay (yes that is a real screenshot from last week). Is it all the Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud albums I was looking up on Amazon? I may have perhaps looked at the new David Beckham Armani spread. But like….I had to. So if that makes me gay, well I don’t plan on being straight then. Or maybe it makes me straight. I have no idea. Anyways I might have a husband who likes looking up pictures of Schenners. And really that is ok with me. He is totally like Preston Mayers in Can’t Hardly Wait and I would love to share a strawberry Pop Tart with him while Kenny the Gangster is yelling WHY YA GOTTA WASTE MY FLAVOR and Melissa Joan Heart is still trying to get everyone to sign her yearbook.

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2 Responses to Luke Schenn Will Make Your Husband Gay.

  1. tanya says:

    I really would be more worried if my fake hubby would be searching for Rangers jersey…

    David Beckham + Armani = good
    Freddie Ljungberg + Calvin Klein = so hot it’s probably illegal

  2. loser domi says:

    well, if my fake husband were to go gay, he could do a lot worse than schenn

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